Why Choose Us

When choosing a professional for a service, sometimes you have to make your decision, not based on cost, but based on value. Which professional do you want to choose to do your Electrolysis? It is the type of business where the professional should have experience, skill, and knowledge of hair removal. Workmanship and ability is the difference between good results and bad results. So questions you need to ask yourself are……Which one has the most experience, the best portfolio, and is the most responsive and reliable?

There is a certain technique involved when performing Electrolysis. The method of hair removal is a precise and methodical procedure. The type of electrical current being used is very important. When it is done properly, Electrolysis involves a certain amount of time depending on the area being treated. As the treatments continue, the area of hair grows in finer with less and less hairs. The results are very noticeable and is what makes the patient realize that the Electrolysis is working. It’s not a process that should take years before seeing any type of results.

When it comes to any permanent procedure, and not just hair removal, looking for the lowest price is not always the best way to go. Pricing is the cost of doing business, plus the value of expertise, plus the time needed to complete the project in a particular set of circumstances with a particular set of requirements. There are many ways to save money, but it shouldn’t be on Electrolysis. Experience does matter! Prices should be comparable to the area that you live in and should be competitive. If not, stay away. In the long run, it will cost you more money.

If you are a young person, why not take the time and permanently remove a bothersome area now and have the benefit of no hair for the rest of your life? If you are someone who has had previous Electrolysis … is it time to have a few maintenance treatments to keep the area looking flawless?  Facial hairs usually need clean-up treatments two or three times per year once you have achieved permanency.

My business is Electrolysis … permanent hair removal! That is all I do.

I welcome all your questions and look forward to being your Electrologist.